DESTINATION GUIDE: Great Britain A world class destination comprising the three distinct nations of England, Scotland and Wales

Great Britain is formed of three magnificent countries – England, Scotland and Wales. Each of these nations retain distinct and unique histories, cultures and natural landscapes. But they nestle together on a single island and in combination they form one of the most recognisable and most visited destinations on the planet. Britain’s appeal as a destination is as varied as the nations of which it is comprised but is largely owing to its rich history, its unique people and its beautiful natural landscapes.

Whilst our British weather is renowned as wet and mild, it provides our island nation with much of our understated but highly-treasured natural landscapes. As expected of an island nation, Britain is home to hundreds of miles of stunning coastal seascapes from the cliffs of the Cornish Peninsula to the remote and untouched bays of the Scottish Islands. Inland however we have everything from the natural woodlands and mellow rolling hills of the Cotswolds to the dramatic mountains of North Wales and the glorious lochs and glens of the Scottish Highlands. Not to mention the wild moorlands and dales of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales regions. With no fewer than fifteen National Parks of protected natural beauty there is a new spectacular panorama over every horizon.

These natural landscapes are punctuated however by hallmarks from the long and tumultuous history of the British isles. England, Scotland and Wales have borne witness to ancient peoples, savage invasions, bloody battles, barbarous monarchies, tranquil peace-times and revolutionary change. Together these events have shaped our rich cultural heritage, a heritage which manifests itself in our striking architecture which can be found to this day in every corner of Britain from charming villages of thatch cottages and timberwork inns to towering cathedral spires, magnificent medieval fortresses, opulent stately homes and the Royal Palaces of the British Monarchy. Not to mention the odd ancient stone-circle.

Having such a long and varied history, the British people have contributed disproportionately to the world stage. After all, it was Britain and our people, who have given the world its most commonly used language, the law of gravity, warm ales, "Romeo and Juliet", the Beatles, the World Wide Web and of course... cricket. For centuries Britain has played a leading role in world politics, technology, science, popular culture, sport and many other domains. The hallmarks of these great cultural contributions can still be discovered and enjoyed throughout Britain whether it be viewing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, watching a live music performance at the Cavern Club in Liverpool which launched the careers of the Beatles or in touring a whisky distillery in the Scottish Highlands.

One of the greatest attractions for visitors to Britain however is that you actually get three destinations for the price of one! Formed of the distinct nations of England, Scotland and Wales, each proudly boasts their own individual character, culture and traditions. Whether it be the Celtic heritage and lush green mountains of Wales, the eccentric people and rustic landscapes of England or the fiercely proud Scots and their untamed Highlands you can explore these diverse nations on one simple journey. Whilst they share a common language, currency and governance, together they create an unforgettably varied visitor destination which should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

So whether it’s to visit one particular country or region, or whether you want to combine tours to see multiple aspects of Great Britain, let Great British Journeys be your local hosts.

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